Ideas For Weekend Wood Work Projects

For awhile now, your kids have been saying they want to get into wood working. Or maybe you have a love and appreciation for the field. Now that they weekend has arrived, how can you finally start to work toward your goals or the goals of your family?

You could watch some videos and read some books so that you are able to learn at home. Through trial and error, you will start to learn some of the Read the rest of this entry »

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Should You Use Wax, Oil, Stain or Sealant?

So you’ve completed your wood working or carving project and it is time to put a finish on it. Do you want to color it with a stain? Should you use a clear coat? You have lots of choices, but you may not have lots of information about what finish is best for your wood or project.

Colored stains can be used like paint to bring a carving to life. Stains can be used this way for Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Choose The Perfect Wood For Your Project

With the right tools, nearly any species of wood can be used for a wood working project. However, all wood workers will tell you some species are best suited to specific jobs. It is important to evaluate the project first before deciding on the material. Among the considerations are strength, color, grain, and oil content, to name a few.

Evaluate the Job

A hard wood used for durability can make intricate carvings more difficult while an outdoor piece should be better able to endure the elements. Some finished pieces Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Fix Common Woodworking Errors

Woodworking can be a fun way to spend the afternoon and make something that can be displayed in the home and cherished. However, working with wood as a beginner can be difficult, as wood is an unforgiving material. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to easily fix any woodworking errors.

If you are using a router on a light piece of wood, you may accidentally cause router burn. If you try to sand off the burn, you’ll be disappointed as these Read the rest of this entry »

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Which Wood Carving Tools Are Best For You?

Wood carving is a most compelling art form, whether you are an avid carver or simply an admirer. For experienced carvers and novices alike, the choice of tools play an integral part in the enjoyment of the craft. Just as there is a large variety of materials with which to work, there is a range of tools available giving weight to the axiom: To each, his own.

The meditative journey of expression that is wood carving can be addicting. Throughout history, artists have gravitated toward the tools that best facilitate their unique style. The precise cuts, the carriage of Read the rest of this entry »

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Best Types Of Wood For Beginners

When a person is first starting out in wood carving, it is important to know that not all woods are easy to carve. For a first time carver, it is important to choose a very soft wood, before progressing to a medium to hard wood. This is important not only because soft wood is easier to carve than a harder wood, but also because an inexperienced carver is more likely to have an accident with a harder wood. When more pressure is on the blade and the carver is not used to the carving tools, the chances of slipping Read the rest of this entry »

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